Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Two Peas in Separate Pods

One is redheaded; the other, blond.
One is husky; the other, wiry.
One is lazy; the other, helpful.
One is sensitive; the other, tough.
One is intellectual; the other, physical.
One is easy; the other, challenging.
One is cautious; the other, adventurous.
One is stiff; the other, flexible.
One is gentle; the other, aggressive.
One is innocent; the other jaded.
One is sweet; the other cool.

One likes chocolate; the other, lollipops.
One likes reading; the other, to be read to.
One likes downtime; the other, activity.
One likes eggs scrambled; the other, hard-boiled.
One likes red; the other, blue.

One has hair wavy and thick; the other, fine and straight.
One has a style preppy/rocker; the other, surfer dude.
One has lost interest in Legos; the other loves to build.
One has no desire to wrestle; the other, an innate need to.

One runs on curiosity; the other, kinetic energy.
One sleeps with one stuffed animal; the other, fifty-two.

My sons.
Two peas in separate pods.
Same mother.
Same anonymous sperm-donor father.
Full siblings.

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