Sunday, May 20, 2012

End-of-School-Year Burnout

When I feel extra stress,
I know it's that time of year again --
being thrown like a boomerang out
before returning back in.

Of the school year
remains only the last few weeks.
Days are cluttered with
commitments, academic and sportif.

The back and forth
is making me rapidly wear down.
I feel a cold coming on;
my face is wearing a frown.

Scout cleanup, tee ball:
the start of one day's six activities.
Then came a raffle, soccer, Little League,
and birthday festivities.

'Twas way too much and for what?
Just downright ridiculous.
How we got through the day
is certifiably miraculous.

To make the schedule work,
I enlisted other parents to agree
to drive both my boys
to two places. That was key.

It seems awfully trite
to say "never again" or to make a vow
because surely there will be
another day like that soon, just not right now.

This kids' rat race
I'd like to beat.
Yet how? Home school? No clinics or teams?
That would be quite a feat!

Would I be able to live
such a life? Could my sons be happy?
Giving up what they know --
very risky, perhaps really crappy.

Still a fantasy. But who knows?
Let's throw away the plan.
Just go out to do things
whenever we choose, whenever we can.

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