Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Calling

Solstice is here --
well, tomorrow that is.
Pour a tall sloe gin fizz
or a frosty cold beer.

'Tis true school is out,
though some activities remain:
tee ball for one, once again.
The Scout tag sale without a doubt

makes me still feel
encumbered, not free
of academic-year responsibilities.
Hang on! Like a turning wheel,

the season arrives with the dawn,
ushering in plenty of heat,
sprinklers, sandy bare feet,
and towels spread across a freshly trimmed lawn.

Just one more weekend
before I can fully rest,
be gone exhaustion and stress!
Now is the occasion to mend.

Put your feet up,
go to your favorite beach,
eat watermelon and a large peach.
Pack ice cubes into your cup

as you relish life slowed way down.
Grill a dog, camp in the yard,
or celebrate days off by partying hard
in friends' homes or around town.

The sultry season is upon us --
rent a canoe, ride a bike,
listen to live music, and take a hike.
But please don't make a fuss.

It's laid-back time:
recline in a hammock, nap.
Find a pool, swim a lap.
Sip lemonade for a quarter and a dime.

Enjoy yourself most of all
because before you desire
summer will head to the wire.
You'll feel the air chill from fall

then think back
and say: "No, it can't be!
Vacation went too fast. See?
Again I lost track.

I'm not ready to wear slacks!"

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