Friday, November 22, 2013

Hopes for the Next Decade

Freedom from less dependent kids
Freedom to regularly exercise
Freedom from frequent exhaustion
Freedom to have a social life.

Freedom from schedule overload
Freedom to find a relationship
Freedom from as much child care
Freedom to travel.

More visits with family and friends
More reading of books
More going out in the evening
More feeding of the soul.

More organized
More tidy
More svelte
More chill.

More time alone
Less with a scrambled brain
More privacy
Less on my plate.

More in control
Less harried
More relaxed
Less hurried.

More quiet
Less chaos
More comedy
Less drama.

Greater reach
Greater success
Greater follow-through
Greater income.

Fewer sibling fights
Fewer life upheavals
Fewer neighbor problems
Fewer curve balls.

Freedom from
Freedom to

Please, God, just smoother

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