Monday, February 10, 2014


Utah-bred Sage
is a snowboarder for the age.
Doesn't train in a gym,
shreds the gnar while chewing gum.

His blond hair like Spicoli is wild.
His rad event: Slopestyle.
Learned the sport with big bro Blaze.
Hmm. Do I suspect hippie ways?

He's only twenty
yet caught air aplenty
doing his inaugural 1620
in his quest for gold
at the Winter Games in Sochi.

So bold was he
to "wing" the aerial trick!
Would he stick
the landing? Oh, yes.
Who could have guessed?!

Sage is his own man:
laid back and nonconformist.
No Corporate Dan.
Gracious, funny, and popular,
he doesn't see himself as a star.

"Whoa how random is this
I made finals at the Olympics!"
he was stoked to tweet.
The favored Canucks went down in defeat.

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