Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Our Guernica

Just trying to get by
To pass a day with needing a cry.
The tears don't come easily.
I wish they would. That's at least
A welcome release.
But you've numbed me,
Hardened me. I'm like a callus,
Jaded from your callous
self-indulgence and flitting about.
I'm your punching bag, your doormat.
Can you help it? It's not yet clear.
Do you feel for us? You don't hear
When I tell you to stop.
Just STOP.
Am I beating my head against a wall
If it's not your fault?
IT. Our Guernica. The unknown that makes it all
About you, always you, not me, not him, just you
To do what you want, be where you want,
Hurt who you want, say what you want.
It's taking a toll. How can it not?
Reinjuring me: you don't care.
Costing me extra money: you don't care.
Making him weep: you don't care.
Invading his space: you don't care.
It's holding you back,
Holding me back,
holding him back.
Back, back, back.
I don't want to go back.
Let's turn the corner,
Together move forward,
Learn all about it,
downright conquer it.
It's not enough to cope with it.

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