Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dreams of an Eight Year Old

Like most boys his age, my son Christopher has an active imagination that often takes shape while he sleeps. Here is a collection of his most recent dreams in his own words:

(Adventure) "My family was flying in a small cargo plane. We were the only passengers, but the plane was carrying a load of bees destined for China. The plane was flying nonstop to Beijing. Over Tokyo, we jumped out wearing parachutes. We landed in the center of the city. We stayed in Tokyo for two weeks then flew back in a different cargo plane, also nonstop. Again we jumped out but this time over the runway in Boston. The plane was going to London to deliver Chinese tea and art. As we landed on the runway, a jet came speeding toward us. We ducked in fear. Luckily, the jet took off just before reaching us. So it flew right above our heads. I felt relieved."

(Fright) "A  preschooler with long, brown hair who I didn't know came to my second-grade class on Halloween dressed as a clown. The next day, still in her clown suit, she chopped down a seventy-foot oak tree with an axe near my classroom. The tree crushed the room with everyone in it. Everyone including me screamed. We were studying social studies at the time. I went up to her and asked why she chopped down the tree. She said she didn't know what to wear that day. She was wearing a clown suit because it had so many colors. Whatever shade of red the blood was would be the color she would wear. But since no one was hurt, there was no blood. So she still didn't know what color red to wear. I felt grateful to wake up." 

(Teamwork) "Charlie and I were walking down a rocky path  when we saw a monster coming. It was tall and brown, and it had big claws, red eyes, and not much hair. It didn't make any noise. I wasn't scared, but my little brother was.  Bottles of chocolate and strawberry syrup were on the path, so we picked them up and started squirting the monster. It did not get angry, but it was surprised to be squirted. When we ran out of syrup, we started climbing the monster's body. I climbed up to its eye and poked it in the eye with my finger. Then Charlie climbed up to its head and pulled what little hair it had. I climbed down one arm and pinched the monster's wrist while Charlie climbed down the other arm and bit its hand. The monster exploded, throwing us onto the path. We were not hurt, so we kept walking. I felt brotherly love."

(Empowerment) "I was at the ski area we went to over winter vacation. At the top of the mountain, two teenage snowboarders near the chairlift came over to me. One of them said: "Looks like somebody is going down the mountain with broken bones." Then he pushed me hard down onto the snow. That made me mad. I was not going to be bullied, so I kicked him hard with one of my skis. Both he and his friend, who was standing behind him, lost their balance and fell backward down the mountain. I felt victorious."

(Gratification) "I was at school, and my class was going  to the book fair in the lobby. When I got there, I started looking for the Captain Underpants books and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. But there were no books for sale. All of them were locked inside display cases. I wondered why the school would have a book fair with no books for sale. So a friend and I went over to a lady at the cash register and asked her why there were no books for sale. She told us there was a horseshoe at the end of the hallway signed by Jeff Kinney, the author of the Wimpy Kid series. So my friend and I ran down the hallway. Suddenly, it turned into a steep hill. We had trouble getting down the wet grass, but we reached the end and got the horseshoe. I felt happy."

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