Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spa Lust

Life with my two boys
as a single mother by choice
is hardly a cakewalk.
Listen closely as I talk:

There's the lack of a father,
an overworked mother,
the needing to stay well,
the days that feel like hell.

I don't go out at night,
can't afford a social life.
The house looks like a wreck.
Got no man, yet want to neck.

I worry about staying alive,
leaving behind a child still five.
It's always time to shop for food.
My fitness level is no good.

When do I get a break?
Well, at least there's no earthquake!
Friends just returned from Sundance, Florida,
an Eastern Caribbean cruise, Costa Rica.

We did go skiing, and it was great.
I feel bad complaining, just need to sate
my need for quiet alone time.
Is that such a crime?

I get it when the boys are at school.
I embrace the peace and refuel
by making a sincere attempt
to eat healthy, walk, look less unkempt.

As the winter's been mild,
I'm not desperate to go wild
at Club Med on Spring Break like childless years.
Will I regret this decision? Shed some tears?

Vacation funds anyway were already spent
trying to land a literary agent
at a writing conference on the West Coast
as book publication is what I want most.

I love my boys dearly.
They are my life, quite clearly.
But can someone give me a coupon to a spa?
Please. That's all I might need, this poor Mama.

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