Saturday, March 31, 2012

Taxes Schmaxes

It's that time of year
politicians fear.
Let's make things clear:
Tax Day draws near.

"Quit the delay!"
That's what I say.
The sky is gray,
perfect for filing today.

It may seem like a racket.
Yet if you learn terms like income bracket,
you will be able to hack it
when you receive your 1040 packet.

Interest, carryover, dividends. A sage
is needed to take center stage
to compute deductions, gifts, and my measly wage.
But why do I find page after page after page?

Choose H&R Block
or an accountant. Tick tock
goes the clock
toward April 17. Fuck!

I haven't even begun,
let alone get done.
It's just no fun.
I'd rather wear a scuba tank to go for a run.

I used to do estimated
when my finances were complicated
and, oh, so sophisticated.
But now funds have dissipated.

So it almost seems absurd,
really the craziest thing I've heard.
Just you mark my word.
Anyhoo, I rest assured

of my civic duty when
Founding Father Ben --
representative of men --
wrote in a letter by pen:

"[I]n this world nothing can be said to be certain,
except death and taxes."

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